DIY Glitter Leaf Crowns

DIY Glitter Leaf Crowns

DIY Glitter Leaf Crowns

These leaf crowns are a great low mess craft for groups of kids of all ages. This year I made them with my toddlers daycare class and my big girls 3rd grade class and everyone enjoyed making them. 

I originally found this project on Handmade Charlotte but I added the glitter because I found the kids often left blank spaces that needed to be filled in. 

So, let’s get started. You’ll need the following:

First, cut your brown paper into strips 24 inches long and 3 inches tall. Next, cut your double sided taped into strips about 15 inches long and center them on the brown paper. 

Preparing for leaf crowns

Once you have gathered your leafs, peel off the top layer of the double sided tape and start arranging the leafs. Please note that carpet tape is very sticky so once you place an item, there is no going back.

Fall Leaf Crowns

Once the kids feel they are done with their decorating, sprinkle glitter over the remaining sticky parts and shake off the excess. Next, measure the crown on the their head and staple it closed. And there you have it, an easy peasy fall crown pleaser! 

Happy Fall Ya'll! 

DIY Leaf Crowns



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