DIY Muslin Party Favor Bags

DIY Muslin Party Favor Bags

DIY Muslin Party Favor Bags

My little one is turning 3 this week and I decided to make reusable favor bags for her party because one of her favorite activities is filling small bags with "stuff" so I figured her peers would enjoy a fun little cotton bag. 

DIY Cotton Party Favor Bags

All you need for this project is

  • Small Muslin Bags - I found this great deal on Amazon 
  • Stamps - these stamps are from Wee Gallery  but whatever stamps you have around will works 
  • Old dried out stamp pad 
  • Acrylic Paint 
  • Paint brush 

The first step is to prepare your stamp pad. (You can just use a regular stamp pad for fabric, but I found that the print is much more vibrant using acrylic paint.) To prepare the stamp pads, I took an old dried pout stamp pad and painted acrylic paint on it until the sponge with totally saturated with paint. 

Now that you have your diy acrylic stamp pad, just use your stamps in the normal way and stamp your bags. Thats it! I told you it was a easy. 

Try this DIY for your next party to add a little extra wow. 

Happy Crafting. 


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