Leaf Printing with Toddlers

Leaf Printing with Toddlers

leaf printing with toddlers

This classic fall activity never fails to delight kids of all ages. On this printing day, I was just working with my 2 year old but this is an activity my 8 year old loves as well. 

All you need for this project is: 

  • Leaves (if you press them in a flower press for a day or two, you'll have better results)
  • Paint 
  • Paint brush 
  • Paper to print on 
  • Scrap paper 

To begin, collect leaves and put them in a flower press a day or so ahead of time. This step is not completely necessary but pressed leaves are a little easier to work with.

leaf printing with toddlers

Next, place your paint on a pallet for your little one. We used tubes of acrylic paint. My pro-tip here it to limit your child's color choices. If you only give them 3 colors to work with, the results will be more pleasing because we all know that if you give a toddler 7 colors then they will definitely all end up mixed together. 

Paint a thin layer of paint on the vein side of the leaf then place the leaf paint side down on your printing paper and place a piece of scrap paper on top. Press the leaf firmly and then remove the scrap paper and peel your leaf off to reveal your beautiful print! 

Happy Crafting! 


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