toilet paper roll mummies

Toilet Paper Roll Mummies

toilet paper roll mummies

You may have seen this project before but it’s so fun and easy that it has become an annual tradition in our home. 

All you need is:

toilet paper 

empty toilet paper rolls 

black maker  

google eyes 


To begin, use the black maker to color your toilet paper roll black where the eyes will poke through. Next, glue the eyeballs in place. If you don’t have google eyeballs, try cutting some eyes out of a magazine for a funny effect. Once your eyeballs are in place, start wrapping your mummy with toilet paper adding glue every couple of inches to secure it it place. Let it dry and you’re done! You now have some super silly table top Halloween decor. Once the season has passed, peel off the google eyes, put them back in your craft supplies and recycle the rest of the mummy.

Happy Crafting! 



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