Make Your Own Magic Pouch #1

Snails and Fairydust

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Make Your Own Magic Pouch #1
Make Your Own Magic Pouch #1
Make Your Own Magic Pouch #1

Wear this pouch close to your heart and fill it with your own magic like a small traveling altar. What will you put in yours? Will it be a special rock, fairydust, a feather or words to inspire you? 

I bead each pouch intuitively with no planning ahead of time so no two will ever be the same. I don’t use a beading loom so each bead is woven in one at a time. 

  • Japanese glass beads
  • Agate accent beads.
  • Pouch is 1.50 inches wide and 2 inches long including the fringe.
  • The necklace is 28 inches. The pouch hits around your solar plexus chakra when worn.
  • Please note that pouch Does Not come with anything inside it.


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