Sea Stone Necklace #6

Snails and Fairydust

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Hag stone necklace from UK
Fairy stone necklace from UK
Hag stone and glass beads
Hag stone necklace
Beach stone necklace

This past winter my family moved from Brooklyn to the UK and spent a month of quarantine and lockdown in a little town by the sea called Whitstable. During our daily beach walks I began collecting these rocks with holes without any real plan, they just called me. 
I have since learned that this type of rock with a natural hole are sometimes known as a Hag Stones and are believed to be a strong luck and protection amulet when worn. I have also seen them called Fairy Stones and legend says if you take them into the forest and look through the hole, you might see a fairy. 

I hope they will bring some magic into your life. 

  • Glass Japanese beads 
  • 14kt gold fill clasp 
  • Beach Stone
  • 18.5 inches long

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