Small Batch Beaded Jewelry, DIY Kits and Tutorials


Welcome to Snails & Fairy Dust. My name is Darcy, and I live in East Sussex, having recently moved here from Brooklyn, NY, with my husband, our two daughters and our half-feral Brooklyn street cat. The name Snails & Fairy Dust was inspired by my daughters and how they can find wonder and joy in the things adults take for granted, like following a snail or building a fairy house from foraged materials. 

I am a self-taught bead artist and have over 20 years of experience.  I find the slow and deliberate act of beading is like a meditation or prayer for me. 

My dream for this space is to share the magic of beading with you. I feel like people are afraid to attempt bead weaving. Still, I hope to be able to demystify the process so that you can incorporate this meditative practice into your well-being routine with my DIY beading kits.  And if making your jewellery is just not your thing, I hope you will be able to find something special here to adorn yourself with or gift to a loved one. 

I think now more than ever; we need to disconnect, slow down and be mindful of something as simple as one tiny bead at a time. 

I wish you so much joy.