Small Batch Jewelry + Objects  Inspired by Nature

Welcome to Snails and Fairydust. My name is Darcy and I am Mother to two magical little girls ages 11 and 5. The name Snails and Fairydust was inspired by way my girls view the world around them and how they can find wonder and joy in the things that adults take for granted like watching snails leave a slime trail or building a fairy house out of foraged materials.  

I am a self-taught bead artist but I have a hunch that I have unknown beading ancestors in my past. I find the slow and deliberate act of beading can feel like a meditation or a prayer and even when I have set aside my beading for extended periods of time, I always to find myself returning to this art form during my life's most difficult moments. 

My dream for this space is to share the magic of beading with you. I feel like often people are afraid to attempt beading because it seems too difficult but I hope to be able to demystify beading for you and the generations of your family that you will be able to pass this skill on to.  

I think now more than ever, we need to disconnect, slow down and be mindful of something as simple as one tiny bead at a time. 

Wishing you so much joy.